Charlie Marcol 

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Sometimes you really can't see the forest for the trees. You are so deep within your situation, you don't know which direction to go. It's hard to focus on what is real when you are caught up in the fluff, especially in relationships. Discover what you need to know about marriage with this page-turner that is sure to please.  Get yours today... What are you waiting for?

Let's Give Em' Something to Talk about... The Reviews

As a single woman, "From the Florist to the Forest" helped me recognize the part I play in relationship mistakes of the past and has helped me develop a  better and introspective attitude about love.

~Melody Kym, Houston

As a woman who has journeyed from the florist to the forest and barely survived it, I wish this impactful and honest account of the reality of matrimony existed for me to learn from while in a daze at the florist. The journey is real, and Ms. Marcol has done an exceptional job highlighting the struggle of two becoming one. Marriage should not be taken lightly and is not for the faint at heart. I recommend this to every woman who "thinks" they are ready for the ministry we call marriage!

~Dr. Miller, Houston

From the Florist to the Forest is truly an inspiration and dose of true life reality that many women encounter day to day. Reading this open letter to women is reminiscent to talking and sharing my own experiences with my girlfriends. The advice and words of wisdom are treasured tokens that the world needs to hear!

~Tiffany Haynes, Houston

From the Florest to the Forest is a gripping page turner that not only made me think about my own marriage but how I can make my marriage better. The book and it's "Think before you leap" conspect and it's real life spin on marriage and weddings, is a great read not only for those inticipating walking down the isle but those who have tied the knot and those who are looking for answers within themselves.  I recommend to all men and women! 
~Apryl Kelly, married 
Bank Vice-President

"From the Florist to the Forest is a beautifully transcribed testimony of growth and triumph over uncertainty and disappointment. Charlie's bravery to share her relationship journey will bless you! Her insight originates from an honest place that many women won't dare to venture. Her inward self-reflection causes you to assess your own relationship needs, wants, and intentions. This isn't your momma's relationship guide! I highly recommend this book for women and men, young and old."

~ Pamela Price, Houston

Hi beautiful!  I just had to let you know I absolutely LOVED your book! From the personal message ( thank you) to the last sentence ( I don't want to be like Lott's wife either!) It truly blessed me. It made me laugh, cry, smh ,but more importantly it reminded me that God knows what's best for me! And while I'm waiting I should be working for HIM, as well as on me, so I can be ready for him. The one God made for me. Your book is anointed and I know it will bless many ladies' lives, because it certainly blessed mines 😊 so keep doing what your doing. I love you!  Also I want to know how I can buy copies of the book for my friends:)

~Nakia Williams, California