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Charlie Marcol... "I'm healed to serve."

 Just in case you’re wondering about Charlie Marcol… There is no need to have apprehension about endorsing her. She may be 5’2 in stature her passion for success exceeds the height of a giant. Author, mother, educator and relationship coach are a few superlatives to describe her. She is a graduate of the University of Houston, with an M. Ed in Counseling from Texas Southern University. Ms. Marcol writes from her personal experience. The result of a failed marriage initiated the opportunity for Ms. Marcol to share the pain and doubt of her personal journey. Charlie decided to take negative energy and transform it into a tool to help those struggling with the same issues. This book is her beautifully transcribed testimony of self-discovery, growth and triumph over disappointments.

Charlie is a force to be reckoned with and is very serious about sharing her message. Although she is new to the publishing world, her book is spreading like wild fire. She has been featured on the Day Break morning talk show in Dallas as well as a feature in Redbook magazine where she offered her advice with other women on "How to be Happy even on a budget". In the spring of 2015, From the Florist to the Forest was highlighted in the stage play The Rules of Romance under the directorship of actress and playwright Renee Rivon. The play and the book received rave reviews from theatergoers that they demanded more. So much so, Houston is anxiously awaited the return of The Rules of Romance last summer. Although candid, she has great insight on relationships with a willingness to share from her experience. Just like a gravity force, she has the ability to pull in her audience with her authenticity, smile and relatability. She has participated in various conferences across the state of Texas from college campus to religious centers instilling the message of self-love and self-worth.

Press, Awards and Appearances
  • Stiletto and Strategies- Speaker (February 2016)
  • Feeling Rich at any Budget- Redbook Feature (April 2015)
  • Top 40 under 40- Delta Sigma Theta edition (September 2015)
  • A Total You Wellness Initiative- Panelist (November 2015)
  • Washington County Health Matters Forum- Speaker (November 2015)
  • Brenham Mental Health Initiative- Speaker (January 2016)
  • Survive & Thrive, Volume I- Speaker (June 2014)
  • Brunch & Slay- Speaker (July 2016)
  • WFAA, Day Break (March 2015)
  • Girl Talk, Birmingham, AL- Speaker (June 2016)
  • Girls With Pearls Brunch- Speaker (April 2016)
  • Prairie View's Pathway to Total Wellness- Speaker (September 2014)
  • Prairie View's The Dating Game- Panelist  (March 2016)
  • We were not to be Alone Couples Seminar, Dallas, TX- Speaker (April 2015)
  • KWTX, News Feature (July 2015)
  • Nia Blogger, On-line Magazine

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