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Sisters of the Storm: Stories of survival and strength


Water is a spiritual element needed for survival. It is also two-fold. Water can drown us but it also can cleanse us. Harvey did just that! Twenty trillion gallons of water fell on every square inch of Houston and left us paralyzed for days. Can you imagine living through that? At times, my hope was dismal. We didn’t know when it was going to end. Although we survived, many were changed for the better. I believe lives were impacted in some way. We were cleansed from trivial pursuits and begin to shift our focus to what mattered. Marriages were saved, friendships reconnected and the lost found a way home. This was bigger than atmospheric pressure, this was God!

It is through our experiences that we learn so much about ourselves. It is our experiences that shape who we are. For we know that ALL things work together for the good. Something good came out of Harvey. Through filthy, treacherous waters, a tribe of survivors emerged ready to share their story. These are our stories of survival and strength.

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