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What's in a name

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Shakespear once said, "What's in a name." I don't know if that statement was rhetorical or not, but every damn thing is in a name. Names have power, position, and prestiage. A name can stop one from getting ahead in life, give preconceived notions, and receive condemnation or backlash. Experts assert that this criticism is soley a manifestation of racism just for African-Americans. Often times our names and trends are misunderstood. When I become pregnant with my son, I kept that in mind.  I wanted to name him something that he would be proud of and when the time comes for him to job search his application would not end up in file 13 because his name sounds "ghetto." Multiple studies on the topic found that job applicants with Black-sounding names were 50% less likely to get a call back after submitting resumes with applicants with white sounding names.  The other day while riding along my son looks at me with tears in his eyes and said, "I want to change my last name." (Side note: Kids can be so cruel especially if they are not taught right from wrong.) My heart immediately broke into pieces. It sadden me because his last name is indicative of his heritage. He has strong Louisiana roots that can be traced back to France. His last name is peculiar, but not enough to change it. Different is good. Instead I taught him how to change it into a conversational piece of knowledge. "School them son," were my exact words. Our name is what makes us unique as snowflakes.  Our name gives us our identity and make us who we are.  Unlike the majority of African-Americans in the US, we bear the last name of our former slave owners. We were ripped of our idenity, our heritage and culture therefore we make our own trends now. But not my son, he is different. His name holds his past so he is able to embrace his future. 

Changing your name after marriage, now that's a different topic that I will address later.  Until then, be blessed and a blessing to others. Have a great Sunday funday.

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