Charlie Marcol 

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Think Deep Before You Leap

Meet Charlie Marcol

With a heart that is geared towards empowering and encouraging women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, Charlie is definitely a woman who knows her WORTH!

She is the author of  "From the Florist to the Forest". Where she challenges women to Think Deep Before You Leap into marriage. She wants them to discover what they need to know and forget about the superficial trappings. Charlie knows first hand, the flowers on your wedding day won't matter when happiness is only a dream deferred. 

She has the unique ability to take the lessons that she's learned throughout her journey and apply them to what many women face everyday to bring about hope, help and healing. It is her goal to reach as many people as she can with her powerful message.  She truly believe if you empower a woman, she will change her perspective. She is on a mission to enhance women’s lives in the area of self-love, transformation and self-worth. As you journey throughout her website you will be motivated, inspired and enlightened by all that she has accomplished what is about to happen in the near future!

                      We hope to see you again! There's much more to come

Powerful Motivational Speaker

Author and Blogger

Inspirational Educator and Relationship Advisor